Saturday, March 31, 2007

new begining

soryla dah lama tak update blog...tak sempat nak ke cc..lagipun ada di taiping-sayang lak nak keluar and tinggalkan anak lelama..newey, this week memang a new begining for me. First- keluar dari MIMA and missing my dear dear good friends in MIMA and then full time taking care of my dear princess. ghee..she's growing really fast. I was suprised to see her smile easily now and LAUGH.hehehe. you tickle dia skit,terus mengekek.ala...teringat kat dia lak..baru tinggalkan setengah jam.

So far, I feel lucky and blessed. Even though sudah hilang satu punca rezeki, tapi aku tahu ada hikmah disebalik semua ni..

capt- thank you for your support and advises. am glad that i have you as my boss...hehehe.even though garang le sesangat :) but you teached me teached me about LIFE.

kalau sempat, i will attach new pictures of fifi and my home at paloh.. hubby dah packing and cat umah so that it will be fun and encouraging for fifi. going to bring back our dear princess to stay with us. Insya Allah, after hubby abis training in April, fifi is going to start anew with her ibu and ayah..tak sabar tul.

A few of my friends called me and asked me whether am going to look for another job ASAP. and to tell you the truth dear friends, i cant answer that now. bukan sebab tak nak fikir ke apa tapi bila dah seminggu spent with anak, you akan rasa sayang sangat nak tinggalkan dia. i want to see her grow with my own eyes. seriously..and it's not that i dont want to pursue my dream because i will. Insya Allah...i will. but as for this time being, let me find my own peace with my family.

orait..have to go now. i will update my blog - dont worry! cuma lambat atau cepat jer.


Saturday, March 24, 2007


It's not easy to say goodbye and walk away. Working at MIMA for 3 years and been through all the hardship - well, it's not been easy to look at my dear friends' face and dear sisters who have been helping me and guide me from my first day as pratical student until promoted as a researcher. Believe me, it is more easy to write my feeling on a piece of paper than looking at their faces and say good bye to them.

To capt apandi, my dear head centre and bos - I thank You so much..there is no special word and feeling to tell you how much grateful I am to you...You believe in me when no one did and you guide me even though i'm a bit slow in catching up.

To mar, hey dear friend - love ya! no one can replace your place in my heart...

to abg mus and k jalila - thank you so guys are good friends! I will miss your arguments and laugh..I will miss your easy way in helping me and I will you all for being there for me.

To k shema, k ina, k su, k ida, k hasina, k armi, sumathy, k linda, k yah, abg nazdrin, abg mi and abg azrul, abg zainul, abah, sam, abg zul, k siti, rita, k norlida, k ida hayati, k murni and k g - glad to have you as part of my life and friendship! am sorry for everything that i have done and hope the BEST for you all..


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Once upon a time

yesterday I attended Symposium on the Straits of Malacca and Singapore at Nikko Hotel, fully supported by the Nippon Foundation. Ramaila jugak participants from Japan which remind me about my japanese clasess during my study dulu...

actually, we have to complete 111 credit hours for my course and 1 credit hours for foreign languages. instead of choosing mandarin (which most of my friends did) I went for japanese language. we have choices - either you choose mandarin, arab, japanese or spanish..

so, the class began with Doreamon song..imagine that... and we had to sang that song every morning. why? because according to my dearest lecture (i forgot her name already) its a world song..everybody know the song, the tune and the cartoon. so, every sunday, when doreamon on air (ntv7), you can imagine i sang it. anyway...we start with a basic hatagana writing (in here, we start with A, B, C). A few basic words such as ohayo gozaimas (good morning), konichiwa (afternoon), konbawa(evening), moshi2 (hello), eik (no) sumimasen (excuse me), dozo (please), arigato gozaimas (thank you), watashiwa (me) and etc which i forgot already. a waste actually coz you spend one year learning how to write hatagana and how to read and speak..and yet, after graduate, you forgot about it already. sayang kan?

i remember when we had this oral test and were asked to identify objects with japanese. i fail the test and since then, the lecture make sure i wrote in my notes every words she said. ayoo..she even remember my name and gave me japanese dictionary with cartoon in it. I have to complete extra task by drawing pictures and write it in japanese and read a few text in front of my classmate. She even asked me to go to her room and privately tutor me..hehehe..kesian kat least i pass my exam not bad at all, it just that i am too busy with myself to pay attention during the classes..emm

now i wish i have an extra time so i can catch up with the basic. hopefully...