Monday, November 24, 2008

album lama

semalam menyibukkan diri dengan membelek albm lama. ada yg buat sengih sesorang, ada yg buat rasa terkilan and sedih. agaknya mungkin sbb dah lama tak jumpa kekawan lama, terus sayu semacam.

perasaan ingin bekerja semula tetiba je datang..terasa rindu lak. and kekadang buat rasa depressed pun ada.

something about the way daphne (bai boo magazine - gurdian) buat aku terpikir memacam. she said, 'there's no two way about it.'

you can choose to be a fulltime mother or a career mother. either way, you shouldnt have to feel oblighed coz at the end, it will not bring any happiness to u or to ur kids. parenting didnt stop when our kids got stop when we close our eyes- something that i learned while spending too much time reading online. and yes, i do feel happy and lucky because i could watched every steps they took and every details of their life with me. i glad and thankful.

but i'm not perfect. and having this urge to go outside and work, have make me felt misrable inside coz i know deep down, i cannot trust anyone with my kids.

when i read capt's blog - there i was reminded. set my priorities...he always remind me (during my work days) and much more advise and wisdom of words that i have lately forgoten. there were some of his entry that make me think again and again how my life have been this past few years. how ups and downs gave me enough strength to smile again and not to feel regret on some things that have been in mind lately.

i have make the choice. and yes, i'm happy with my choice...
so, if i feel out of blue in future, remind me how precious life is..