Thursday, December 11, 2008

a day to celebrate

being pregnant and carrying baby inside ur womb for nine months is the most wonderful experience you ever had. seeing my little cousin, mohd haikal hafiz (born on 7th december) sure got me eager to have another. well...which not advised by my previous doctor. (she strongly told me not to get pregnant at least for another 5 years) ..

i could still recall both time when i hold my precious babies. fifi was so small compared to amani and she looked more fragile than her sister. i remember how loud fifi cried in the nursery (which woke up most of the babies) and the nurse told me, she was the loudest (well, even today). amani...well, she cried the first day and the nurse could not put her down until she was put beside me. then she sleep like a baby.



there were much more memories about them which i'm sure every mum had and have not forgoten too..

to my dearest maksu,

congratulation for your newborn baby.